Cricket and Management

Cricket and Politics are common in India. You can talk about it from North to South or from East to West. If someone is not understanding anything, you just have to relate it to Cricket and it’ll be understood. Today, in this blog, two management theories will be explained through Cricket.

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When we work on start-up, we’ve two options; they are either attacking or defence. Now, let we relate this
thing to Cricket.

1996 Cricket World Cup

Sanath Jayasuriya (Image Source: Google Image Search)

1996 Cricket World Cup was hosted by India and you know who were the winners; yes the Sri Lankans. They won due to theory of attack or defence.
At that time, it was considered that if you score 40 runs in power play of 15 overs without losing any wicket then you’re on right track. This defence perception was accepted by all the teams. Sri Lanka changed this perception with their storm-openers; Sanath Jayasuriya and Romesh Kaluwitharana.
They were having different mind-set for power play. They used to score 100 runs in the same power play in which other teams would score 40 runs. It was change and lead to their success.
This 1996 Cricket Story tells us that if their is less risk in the beginning you should go with attacking strategies.
You would cover market rapidly and will create pressure on the competitors.

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In business, you should not rate your competitors as weak. Instead of this, consider them strong and come out of the box.

1992 Cricket World Cup

Deepak Patel (Source: Google Image Search)

1992 Cricket World Cup was hosted by Australia. Cricket pitches of Australia are known as ‘helping hand for pacers’. Pakistan won that World Cup only due to magical spell of Captain Imran Khan who was a pacer.
Nobody was interested in keeping spinners in the team and if by chance, someone is having a spinner in the
side they would allow him to bowl only 5 or so overs.
New Zealand came out of box and they made a road to semi-finals. They would allow Deepak Patel to bowl in power
play. He also used to bowl the first over.
Batsman of opponent team would consider Patel as weak in the helping hands of the Australian pitches. They
would go for big shots in the power play against Patel but Patel would trap them.

This story of Deepak Patel and New Zealand tells us that, we should not consider our opponents as weak and should come up out of the box.

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This blog post is written in collaboration by Anudeep Chhadidar and Praveen Sisodiya.
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