Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s motivational story to change attitude towards Problems

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was speaking in front of Google employees to motivate them to do better in lives. He shared one incident from his life, which changed his strategies to tackle with problems and his perception toward hard-time or on broader spectrum changed his thought process. The story reads:

I was having coffee in a restaurant. One Cockroach entered the restaurant and took a seat on a lady. The lady after seeing cockroach on her, started shouting. Fear was visible on her face. She with her trembling lips and both hands wanted to get away from the cockroach. Due to this reaction of her, other members of her group were also terrified.

Somehow, she managed to get away the cockroach. The cockroach took a flight to sit on another lady. Now, it was turn of second lady to continue that drama. A waiter standing next to her moved to help her. The lady tried to push away the cockroach and she got the success.

Now, the cockroach took a flight to sit on the shirt of waiter. The waiter instead of showing hesitant action was calm and carefully observing the actions of cockroach on his shirt. When the cockroach was fully calm, the waiter picked him through his fingers and dropped him outside the restaurant. He did it with a perfection without showing any hustle-bustle.

I was watching this entertaining show while having coffee and suddenly a question popup; is cockroach responsible for this incident? If yes, then why the waiter didn’t got tensed?

It was not that cockroach who tensed the ladies but it was their inability to handle that situation.

I realised, it is not the shouting of my father or my boss or my wife, which is tensing me; it is my inability to handle the situation created by other people. It is not a traffic jam, which is disturbing me; it is my ability to handle that ‘tensed’ situation.

My life is not disturbed due to problems but it is disturbed due to my reactions to the problems. This incident changed my thought process.

In life at hard times, instead of giving reaction, we should understand and answer it. Those ladies gave their reactions but that waiter tried to understand that situation and its solution. We can give reaction to any situation without any second thought but we give answers by understanding the situation.

There is a beautiful way to understand life. We see many people around us who are happy with their lives. They are not happy because everything is fine in their lives but it is due to their positive angle towardseverything in life.

Instead of having angriness, jealousness, hesitant and anxiety in life, have patient and love because whatever happened to you was happened for good and whatever will happen to you, will happen for good.


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