Author Interview| The Toughest Thing While Writing is to Keep the Story Gripping says Sunil Gera

What changes you’ve observed in your life and surrounding after being a novelist with fan following of thousands?

Earlier as a businessman I would see myself limited in many ways. I would feel isolated and so often dissatisfied with the way I was going about. I would feel let down when someone criticized me and the frustrations would show up in so many ways. I have become a more fulfilled person after writing the novels. Life situations do not cause as much problems today, than used to do in the past. My life goal is to continue writing good quality novels and have growing readership.

When was the first time you thought of becoming a writer? What were your thoughts about writing then and how much they have changed now?

In my college days I wanted to write about student unrest, Hippie movement, inequalities in the society. In those days I read a number of authors like Ayn Rand, Somerset Maugham, Pearl Buck, Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens. I would thoroughly enjoy their works and I aspired to be a good writer one day. I did make a few attempts to write in those years but I could not write beyond a few pages. I thought I lacked the talent as  well as the knowledge. But I didn’t give up I kept trying and during my first year of job I could write about thirty pages, but I considered the stuff which I wrote was amateurish. I made several attempts over a few decades and each time I could write just about the same number of pages and then I would abandon the idea. 

Only ten years back when I was relatively free from my work that I got serious to fulfill my life goal. 

When I wrote my first novel I had a lot memories, recollections about my own experiences. I was also under the influence of some popular writers. I had mixed with writers, artists, philosophers and I had gained from their experiences also. I had also travelled within India and abroad and had gained some insight into multiculturism. I knitted together my ideas in the form of a plot and completed my debut novel.

By the time I had completed my two novels in about five years I realized my thought processs had matured. I had become more aware and I wanted to write novels which were based on social problems which impacted everybody.

What are toughest and easiest things while writing?

I find the toughest thing while writing is to keep the story gripping. I want my novels should be the seat of the edge thrillers.

At the moment the easiest thing while writing is the pace. I write in my leisure and I am not hard pressed for time.I want that what I produce should be of good quality and it doesn’t matter if it takes longer time to complete. 

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Which is your favourite motivational phrase in writer’s block? Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

When ever I get stuck I give myself rest. I am confident that I would be able to over come the writer block. I say to myself, “It will pass, tomorrow is another day.”

Which are your favorite titles?

George Orwell- Animal Farm, Harper Lee- To Kill a Mocking Bird, Alberto Moravia-Empty Canvas, Charles Dickens –Oliver Twist,James Hadley Chase- No Orchids for Miss Blandish.

Which is the best Novel you have ever read and wished it was your work?

Mario Puzo- God Father.

What are your ambitions as a writer?

To write a classic.

What do you think about professional writing or writing as a career?

I don’t know about writing in general but I can express my views about being a novelist. 

It requires a lot of hard work, time and resources. The chances of success are very slim.

Therefore only those with passion for writing and who are dedicated should attempt to choose this career.

What made you to enter in romantic thriller genre?

I am a romantic person therefore the choice was natural. In my early experiences the novels which impressed me were like Gone with the Wind, Rebecca, Pride and prejudice, therefore when I started writing the interest in this genre continued.

How has your environment & upbringing coloured your writing?

I am of the opinion that environment and upbringing play a very important role in determining a person’s thinking.I was born in a joint family a year and a half after the partition. That time was quite different from how it is today.Corruption was unheard of, there was a lot of respect for elders and there was a lot of community support.There has been a steady deterioration in all these areas. On the other hand there have been a lot of positive changes also such as multiculturism , gender equality and economic progress.Such factors have surely influenced my writing.

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