Author Interview| The Toughest Thing While Writing is to Keep the Story Gripping says Sunil Gera

Tell us something more about your next title ‘Life is A One Time Offer’ and it’s plot.

“The only thing that is constant is change,” could well have been the theme. 
The story is about a young man and woman in the milieu who embrace the change, battle against various odds, unwavering in their determination and they move forward.

I will not like to reveal more at this stage. Please read my novel to know more. 

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

It is a mixture of personel experiences as well as imagination.

How do you see life?

I consider that we are blessed people. Every moment of our life is a miracle.

How do you see this 21st century’s young generation?

Young generation of 21st century is more sure than the earlier one . They are fast to adapt themselves and they are more individualistics. On the down side they are more selfish, lack patience. In life wisdom also plays a very important role, therefore the new generation is prone to more dissatisfaction and strife in their lives. But as they are more innovative they are sure to find better solutions also.

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How do you work on your novels?What was the strangest thing you came cross while working on novels?

I write with full concentration and while writing I give full flight to my imagination.I normally don’t do any editing when I am putting down my thoughts. I feel that I am an inspired person when I am creating. 

The strangest thing I can say about writing a novel is that, once it is out I really cannot take any credit for it. I know that only my subconcious could create it and I could picture that I and my subconcious are distinct entities.

Which character(s) from your novels you would like to have in your real life or surroundings?

The heroine of my novel, Sandra is a woman of substance. She is like some of todays’ icons Olympic winners. I would like more and more women in India to succeed.

Let’s talk about some first things. Which was the first novel your ever read and what impact did it created on you?

My first novel was one of the series called“Jassosi Duniya.” It was written by “Ibne Safi” translated from Urdu to Hindi. It was a detective series with very lively characters. My love for fiction originated after reading a few novels from the series.

And which was the first story you wrote?

I wrote a few love stories. The first one was “Love gone sour.” It is in my blog,

You are an engineer writer. What is so special about this field that we are having so many writers, politicians and spiritual leaders from it?

A few engineers who have inclination towards other areas such as writing , politics and spirituality have branched off and have explored those. Today engineers have a more open mind and they have a desire to live their dreams. It is an uppward trend because there are more success stories today.

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