6 Reasons:Why India is Not Able to Produce Productive Graduates

​‘Only 13% MBA holders are ELIGIBLE for Jobs’ reads the title of an educational survey. Another one reads, ‘Only 11% Engineers are ELIGIBLE for Jobs.’ Have you gone through these titles in newspapers or magazines? It astonished me and I hope, it astonished you too (I can’t hope of better than this). What was your first reaction? You might have blamed Indian higher education system by saying Indian colleges as ‘Factories’ where degree holders are products. Well, it may vary from the degree of your frustration. Isn’t it? 

But (yes buts are always there), is only our education system responsible for it? Are not we as pupils, parents, guardians, tutors, teachers, professors, principals or directors of institutions are also responsible for it. We are. We as an integral part of this system are also responsible for it.


There are many reasons for this ‘dreadful condition’ and there are many solutions too. 

What I personally think is that this condition starts from school only where 50% students are not able to cross Xth board exams and ends with astonishing headlines like this; ‘Only 13% MBA holders are ELIGIBLE for Jobs’.

A class XI student is answering questions in pages without grasping anything from it. He even don’t know what he is writing. He just creamed answers from some ‘Pariksha Bodh’ or ‘Pariksha Adhdhyan’ or ‘Kunjis’ and pasting them in answer sheets. How we can hope for him to ‘LEARN’ things in higher education? And how we can hope from him to do innovation in the future or simply how he’ll answer rational questions asked by job interviewer.

A first year student confesses in front of the whole classroom and professor that he has a great capacity to rote things when the professor said that you wrote exactly same as given in the book. 

How we can hope from him to be a part of 11% or 13%? People like them later blame for not getting placements. Which company wants a person who has a great capacity to rote instead of learning things? Do they really DESERVE a placement?

I’ve never sat in a professional interview but when people (especially teachers, professors, principals or directors) shares their experience, it puts a big question mark. They say, “When degree holders sit in a job interview, most of them (even who scores more than 9 CGPA) get numb on basic questions like what is a computer? What is the difference between data and information?’ 


In this blog, I’ve mentioned few of the reasons which are responsible for this ‘unwanted’ condition along with their solutions (If you have few more, I request you to add more in the list by commenting on this post or mailing me at thethirdangleview@gmail.com) 


Most of Indian parents wants their child to perform excellent in academics instead of non-academics. They don’t want their child to be a sport person or a musician or a dancer or anything else expect the one which are known for academics like engineer, doctor, manager and so forth.

A student may be excellent in music but he is forced in academics instead of music.A student may be an excellent footballer but his passion is curbed by saying ‘don’t waste your time in nonsense things.’ Why football is non-sense? We say we don’t get medals in Olympics or Commonwealths or don’t win big cups in any sports. The reason is clear, for us sports is a nonsense.

When this ‘talented’ footballers or musicians or dancers are forced to study engineering or management or medical or anything else they become a part of that 87% or 89%. They can’t do well in academics because their heart and mind is somewhere else and for them management or medical is like a star; miles away from reach.They can’t be managers or doctors and nor they are allowed to be musicians or dancers or sport persons. In this way we are having a dual loss and do not excel in most of things. 


A Head of Department has already lost his job due to this reason. Every year, we are having loss of billions of rupees due to this. Could you get it? Yes, you’re right, it’s RESERVATION. Please don’t block my blog. 

A Hindi teacher has lost his job because he approved an essay on Reservation in XIIth board examination. How we can make students rational if we are not allowing them to share their views in rooted-systems like reservation? 

A student who scored 100 marks out of 150 can’t get a portfolio of his interest but a ST or SC student gets the same portfolio by scoring only 40 marks. 

When we say, ‘that top blah college has only 40% placement rate’, the main reason behind this because we are not allocating seats on the basis of talent, we serving on reservation. I’m not saying, reservation is wrong but its underlying principle is wrong.This only leads to one of the biggest cause of our backwardness, ‘Brain Drain’ (If you don’t know about this, please Google it) because passionate people will surely leave country for their passion. We talk about equality and where is the bird named ‘equality’? Are not we doing inequality with unreserved categories? (Views are welcomed in the comment box).


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