A Mid-Night Call: Please Switch-Off the Lights

One chilled night last winter, I received a call, somewhere around 11PM.

My phone was kept on a drawer, little far from my bed. I was not having courage to come out of the bed and pick up the call in that freezing environment.

“Who the hell is calling this late?” I shouted in my mind.

“This late? It may be an important call” the second thought told me.

I was not able to gather courage to come out and suddenly the mobile stopped ringing.

Before, I could think anything else , the phone again started ringing.Now, I have to gather courage to come out. I gathered.

“Madhav Calling you….” reads the screen. He was my friend from Rupa International.

“Why did he call me, this late” a thought went through.

“Why did you picked up the call so late” he shouted, when I picked the call.

“What happened?” I replied in tensed voice.

Madhav was a creative person. He always has creative ideas to come out from ‘tensed’ situation.

“Call my sister and tell her that you want to talk to me” he demanded.

“When I can talk to you directly, why I should call her” I protested.

“Just do, what I said” he almost shouted.

“But why? Is everything fine?” I replied in rapid fire.

“No further questioning!” and he disconnected the call.

I went numb. It took me few seconds, to realize what happened. I was thinking about possible reasons for this ‘weird work’.

Did he came to know about our relationship? WTF!

My brain stopped functioning. I couldn’t sense freezing temperature.

I dialed her number.

“Look who is calling me, this late” she said as soon as she picked up the call.

“What are you doing?” I asked her in tensed voice.

“Nothing. Just completing my assignments. What happened? Why did you called so late today?”

“Madhav just called me and requested to tell you that I want to talk to him”

“What?” she replied in a confused voice.

“Whatever it is;I have to complete his demand”

“Wait a minute!”she said.

She went to his room, shouting “Bro! Bro! There is call for you.”

“Who did he called so late?” I overheard what Madhav said.

I was cursing him. He called me late and now he is telling, Why I called so late?

“Yes bro! What happened?” he said, after coming on the line.

“Happy? Demand completed” I replied.

“My phone is alright. There is problem with network in my area” he said in irrelevance.

“What are you saying?”

He took a pause and continued in serious tone  “Don’t worry.I’ll do it by tomorrow evening.”

Irritation was on the peak. Is he mad? WTF!

“Please stop your nonsense” I shouted.

“Trust me! I’ll do it” he continued “Now, have a good sleep. Good night” and he disconnected the call.

How I can have a good sleep now? What he was talking? Why he was behaving like that? I saw goosebumps and sensed the freezing temperature.

I was tensed. My phone again rang.

“Madhav Calling you….” again reads the screen.

“What the hell, why you are behaving like that” I shouted as soon as I picked the call.

“Sorry Bro! Sorry to disturb you!”

“It’s all fine” I had to say. I continued, “Why did you did that?”

“Please don’t kill yourself after hearing it” he exclaimed.

“I’ll not”

“Actually, light of my room was switched on and I was not having courage to come out of my bed in this freezing cold but I also wanted to switch off the light, which was keeping my sleep away.” He continued, “So, I told you to call my sister. When she was going out of my room with her phone, I told her to switch off the light. In this way, I could switch off the light without coming out of the bed.” He laughed. I saluted his brain and disconnected the call.

I was jealous with his creativity but I was also happy. I was happy for two reasons. The first one was obvious that I know someone creative like him and second he still don’t know about our relationship.


Everyone claped. The auditorium was filled with huge round of applause.

“What a bollywood  turn story it was from Arvind” the host of the show announced in rejoiced voice as he took the center of the stage.


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Howdy, I'm Praveen Sisodiya from Indore, India. I love to explore people and their art and this is why I do blogging.😃

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